Tree Rocks 2000
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On our way to State College, PA to the second show of the Stain'd, Simon Says, Tree tour. Played last night in Old Bridge, NJ at Birch Hill and it kicked ass. Thanks to all the kids dancing in the pit and everyone else for the great response. I got to see Simon Says play last night for the first time and I really liked them, they're heavy and slick and their songs have great dimensions. We brought two of our friends out as roadies..Chopper, guitar and singer for the now defunct Honkeyball ...and Roga, a Westwood kid ..we all grew up with and one hell of professional drinker...we're psyched to have them with us, it's a part of the adventure sharing the good times with our friends.

Before we left we played a show at Smithwick's in Lowell that rocked hard old school good time style..it was great to see all our friends and the pit was crazy, I had to fight them off just to sing and no fights just real hard dancing. I'd like to thank everyone there for a great time and supplying all the raw energy for me and the guys to feed off. Thursday before the Lowell show we played at the Snowbarn at Mount Snow, Vermont..not a lot of kids but quality before quantity is what I always say. I had a blast..got drunk and invited everyone back to where we were staying to hang out and party.

Then next day was 30 below zero but I had a free pass so I went snowboarding alone, while the rest of the crew slept. I was still drunk and freezing my ass off so after 4 runs I called it quits. Marcylus, who worked Mt.Snow hooked me up with vouchers because the conditions were so harsh and now I can go back and ride for free again. It's the only way I can afford to ride.

A week earlier we played at Brownies by the bay in Sommers Point, NJ on a Tuesday night for WJSE radio show. We got to go on the air before the show and talk some funny shit with DJ Jaybird, we played that night with Maryfirst and Chlorine, it was a good show for us and we had some old school fans show wearing gear with years behind it. Good people good times and shared kind with a soul in need. Spent the next day in Atlantic City...Billy, Jake & Ooze went gambling but I was feeling sick so I crashed out all day and went out late with a couple of hot girls for a couple of cold ones...I got back to find out Billy was the big winner with Jake next and Ooze pulling up the rear. All in all the boys left town a $1000 up.

We played that night, Thursday Jan 20th, at the Continental in NYC, I hung out with the Hassle and Suzie one, with Ben, our new booking agent from Brooklyn, I had a good time but had a sore throat and was feeling all fuzzy and disoriented. We went to Googies for a beer then to the Hog and Heffer, a western bar full of bras and bears. We left NYC..passed out in the van and woke up freezing to death in Connecticut.

The fever kicks in. I don't feel sick, I feel like I'm tripping on LSD, full blown delirium, spend the whole next day driving to the show in Salem, MA to play at Bleachers, with Trytch and some other bands. I'm hating life..I get a cup a tea and puke it up right before we play. I get up and do it and find that while I'm in the middle of the song I'm OK but as soon as it ends the sickness kicks in, There was a good pit and no one got thrown out ..I didn't puke on stage and sang well so it was a success.

The next day I couldn't get out of bed. I slept all day trying to recuperate for the show that night at Café Eclipse in Concord but I couldn't do it. I felt like I got punched in the head ten times..my brain was swimming in my skull so as much as I hated to do it..i called Jake and told him to cancel. Jake calls up Christian at the club and tells him we're canceling because I'm too sick. So here' s what this Christian kid does, he doesn't tell anyone at the show that we canceled ...charges everyone full price then blames us for not showing up. This kid sucks, he's nothing more than a born again liar making TREE look bad as he pockets all the money. If you went to the show and got ripped off I'm sorry but it's not our fault. I feel bad because it was me that was sick. But Christian Skinner is the one who deceived you and robbed you and made us look bad, he's a born again christian but is a thief in lambs clothing. He's not going to get away with it I promise you all.

On a lighter note, I'd like to thank Godsmack for putting us on that New Years Eve show..it was a real privilege to play on that bill to all those people on a big night like that.

I hope everyone enjoyed the show at the Space in York PA, a place we haven't been to in a while but we still have a bunch of friends there, which makes it an added bonus for playing there. Our buddy Troy from 3D records hooked us up with a gig and gave us a place to stay and some kindness to share. So now I'm in State College and have to unload the van.

I'm psyched Stain'd hooked us up with this tour. We've known them for years, back when they used to open for us and now they're huge and we open for them it's funny how time plays tricks on your mind but if humility is your number one policy you'll survive. It was a great opportunity that they could have given anyone else but they decided to help out the underdog, Tree ..no major label ..no big promotion ..no big money marketing scheme ..just good honest people for good honest people ..no bullshit ..just heart and soul....

signing out 5:50pm Feb. 2, 2000 stay free