October 27, 2011 Tree Live!

TREE is playing on my birthday in Portland Maine this Dec 17 2011 For all those that missed the last show and for all the good people in Maine because we love Maine! TREE with Roadsaw, Never Got Caught and Whitcomb 8 PM Doors, Show 9. TIX - $10 ADV, $12 DOS, $16 VIP Available at Portcitymusichall.com and Bullmoose record stores.

Go to the Facebook event page for all the details

July 25, 2011 Tree Live!

Tree is going to be playing a special show September 17, 20011 at the Middle East

Go to the Facebook event page for all the details

November 18, 2004 SuperPower

Dave TREE's new band SuperPower is out and about playing shows in the New England Area

SuperPower features ex-members of Grief, Disrupt, Curbfeeler, Porn Star, Warhorse and of course TREE.

The web site is up and active at www.SuperPowerMusic.com

There are some mp3's up there for free download, so check it out and come to a show!

March 7, 2004 SuperPower

Dave TREE has a new band called SuperPower!!

They'll be playing at his art show closing on Friday Sept. 24th.

He's going to be performing with his new band SuperPower along with Million Dollars Marxists, Chloroform Kids and Deny Everything.

8PM at the Milkyway in Boston.

Check out www.SuperPowerMusic.com coming Soon!

March 7, 2004 Update

Hey everyone. Just letting you know were still alive.
Check out CrushBush.com to see some of River's new artwork.
Not much else to report right now, but keep an eye out.

May 17, 2002 Boston Phoenix Music Poll Campaign

The Best Music Poll??? and TREE has not been nominated for anything???
How can they ignore TREE and have a Best Music Poll in Boston, that's crap!!! I encourage everyone to WRITE TREE IN.

Best Live Band? TREE
Best Heavy Band? TREE
Best Vocalist? RIVER(who else?,duh)
Coolest Band? TREE

You get the idea so lets have some fun and break the media blacklist on TREE and vote for TREE on web and mail ins to the Pheonix and LET THE PEOPLE HAVE THEIR SAY!!!
Click here to vote Now!!!

Votings over. Thanks Everyone!!!!

Thanks for your support, RIVER

May 5, 2002 Virtual Art Show

For those of you who can't make it to Boston to see art show in person. Check out the new Virtual art show, featuring some of the exhibits in Boston.
Flash Version - (large (1.2M), but pretty cool)

Static Version
For those of you in Boston, be sure to stop by the exhibit before it closes!!
Here's another article about the art show from the Metrowest. It's kind of hard to read, but you can figure out most of it.
April 26, 2002 Sex Sells
SEX SELLS - Art Opening This Friday!
By David Vincent Conley a.k.a. Dave TREE a.k.a. RIVER from the band TREE

You Are Invited to David Vincent Conley's latest art opening this Friday evening.(May 3rd)
Attendance is mandatory. Support the Arts!

The SEX SELLS collection will be exhibited at
Designs for Living, 52 Queensbury St., Boston, (617) 536-6150
from April 15th ­ June 9th, with an opening reception on May 3, 6-8 p.m.

David Vincent Conley
April 26, 2002 Art Show Opening Feedback

Click here for pictures from the Art show opening in Chelsea.
Click here for an article from the Boston Globe about the opening.

April 16, 2002 Recycled America
By David Vincent Conley a.k.a. Dave TREE a.k.a. RIVER from the band TREE

Opening party this Fri night April 19 6-8pm @ Chelsea City 173 Washington Ave.,
Cary Square, Chelsea, Ma. (617) 844-9887.
Directions from Boston: 93 North to route 1 north over Tobin Bridge, take 3rd Chelsea exit which is Webster St. take Right at exit down to Broadway take right at light, take right on Cary St follow down to Cary sq. which is a 5 street intersection. Chelsea City will be on the Right in front of you, I hope to see you all there and please spread the word.

David Vincent Conley

Mar.19, 2002 U.K. D.J.'s React to European Release
"They're a damn heavy hardcore band with some catchy tunes" - S Beresford, London
"There are some great tracks on this and some excellent riffs!" - H Gibson, Suffolk
"Great and fresh sounding tracks - a great piece of work" - S Hudson, Hull
"Another cool album and it's only February! This CD rocks like a good 'un' - D Lee, Bradford
"A fine album" - T Russell, Glasgow
"It's really growing on me - a good slice of stoner rock but more immediate then much of this genre" - J Wright, Nottingham
"The Album as a whole is very acceptable, very tight & Together, good riffs, catchy" - P Lewis, Doncaster

Jan.21, 2002 European Release
"No Regrets No Remorse" is coming out on Dreamcatcher Records Feb 3. At last TREE enters the European theater. War is declared on everything so be on the look out. RIVER


I'm happy to inform everyone that CLUTCH is taking TREE on a national tour! WE really needed a break and CLUTCH came through in a big way! Those guys are SOLID! They got a new cd coming out, "PURE ROCK FURY" it ROCKS wicked HARD! The bill also includes MURPHY's LAW and VISION OF DISORDER! Check out www.1605.com both TREE and CLUTCH are down in on it so check it. Let's ROCK this shit..
- ...for real RIVER


Mar.29, 2001 "No Selection"
Lowest Common Denominator; featuring River from TREE, Jim and Ken from Nullset and Ennio from 7th Rail Crew! (Click the title to download it.)


Mar.3, 2001 Tree stands tall with `No Regrets'
Boston ``hardwood'' heroes Tree return with their fifth full-length effort, ``No Regrets, No Remorse,'' a scathing, groove-heavy rant addressing everything from aliens to political upheaval.

The blistering 14-track release is an uncompromising diatribe of angst-ridden punk and muscle rock from these 10-year veterans of the Hub hard-core scene. Songs such as ``Redemption'' and ``Subdued'' are blazing power rockers, while ``2 Faced'' and ``Rock Star'' are enraged indictments of music industry posers. Vocalist Dave Tree's brutal honesty combines with crowd-moving choruses to make songs such as ``Cold and Alone'' and ``Great Galactic Ghoul'' instant Tree classics.
- DAVE WEDGE, Boston Herald


Feb.3, 2001 TREE - "No Regrets, No Remorse"
New full-length release in stores NOW.
River, Jake, Ooze and Billy Fever are in high gear as they blast through 14 songs of lost love, political upheaval and, of course, alien intervention!

Wonderdrug is offering a special from Feb. 20th - March 31st: Buy the new TREE CD for $10 and for an additional $10 you'll get a "No Regrets, No Remorse" color poster and the Wonderdrug Records DOUBLE CD compilation "Swallow Whole"

That's $20 plus shipping for all that great stuff! "Swallow Whole" features 39 of the best songs from all Wonderdrug artists like TREE, SAM BLACK CHURCH, HONKEYBALL, SCISSORFIGHT and many more and it also features LIVE tracks from TREE and early unreleased stuff from STOMP BOX and HONKEYBALL! It's amazing! Remember, you can go to www.wonderdrugrecords.com
- Wonderdrug Records


June 17, 2000 River Interview is posted
Erin from Metal Head Music interviewed River on 6/12/00.

Awesome Review for Our Day Will Come
Derek from MegaKungFu.com wrote a great
review of "Our Day Will Come".

The review can be found by clicking here.

May 18, 2000 2000 Best Music Poll
TREE WINS 2000 Best Music Poll!
also "Death Wish" was one of three Runners-up for


Here's the write-up about us...

for Outstanding Hardcore Metal Band

Thanks to all our fans for voting for us!

Our fourth studio CD "Our Day Will Come" on Wonderdrug Records should be available everywhere! If you are having trouble finding a copy of that or "Radio Bootleg for The Restless Masses", please go to your local Tower, Best Buy, Strawberries etc and ask them to order it. It is important to ask the store..and we're gonna make it easy for you....just tell the store that the catalog number which is WD26002 for "Our Day.." and WD24002 for "Radio Bootleg..." and is available to them through Valley Distribution, CD 1- Stop, Southwest One Stop, Northeast One Stop or ROTZ Distribution. Also, you can always order it online by credit card!

Keep in touch with us! Send email to TREEMAILS@aol.com. If you want to send anything personal to us via snail mail, which we'll leave up to your own interpretation,..send it to TREE P.O. Box 269 Westwood, MA 02090.